Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Basic Information and Background

Welcome to the website for Ride for the River Park.  Ride for the River Park is an annual event, started in 2012, with the intent of raising money, awareness, and love for the San Diego River Park Foundation and creating a pathway along the entirety of the San Diego River to be enjoyed by bicyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, nature lovers, children, visitors, and anyone else with a desire to enjoy this wonderful part of our bounty of natural beauty in San Diego County.

Ride for the River Park is not sponsored by the San Diego River Park Foundation and is not a formal, organized event.  This is a voluntary event centered around groups of friends or strangers that are interested in a weekend of bicycling, relaxing, and enjoying some beautiful parts of San Diego.  A donation of $100 to the River Park Foundation is suggested for all participants but this is not required and the amount given, if any, is solely at the discretion of each person.

The inaugural Ride for the River will take place the weekend of September 29 - 30, 2012.  The ride will start at 7 AM on Saturday, September 29 at the Ocean Beach Dog Beach parking lot and proceed 65.4 miles to Julian.  Below is a detailed route map and elevation graph for the 2012 ride.

Detailed Route Map - link to dynamic version

The details for the 2012 ride are still being worked out, but I hope to have a full itinerary for the weekend put together in the next month and posted by the end of June.  Please stay tuned for the update and mark your calendars for this sure to be awesome event!

(If you need additional motivation I'm hoping to line up some of the following for the weekend: San Diego craft beer, Julian pies, and much more.)